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As a commissioned artist, I strive to develop paintings that give vibrance and dignity to the people and pets in my paintings. Fine art must have significant meaning to me esthetically, emotionally, visually and spiritually. I want to arouse the senses, so that I encourage the viewer to experience the sense of my subject matter. Moving, happy, sad, strong, emotive; I attempt to capture each nuance of the human spirit in commissioned portraits. The goal is to inspire the audience to find interest in a face, a figure, an object, a pose.

My subject matter and compositions are comprised of figures and scenes that invigorate me creatively. The drawing and construction of a painting must match the initial emotion of the subject when first imagined. I do a detailed drawing, including every bit of information available. Layer upon layer of alkyd is applied to canvas until the ultimate conclusion is reached.

My themes are developed from my experiences with people, everyday situations, observations and research. When an object or subject inspires me to draw and paint, I know I am in a good place.

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